Our Story
The Inverleigh Produce and Lifestyle Market
Our Story So Far...​​

Formed in July 2017 and launched in September 2017 by a group of local and community minded people, the success of the Inverleigh Produce & Lifestyle Market is all the more extraordinary due to the fact that it has come into existence due to the hard work of a small group of dedicated people.
Their vision:  that this be a not-for-profit community gifting initiative, where everything raised goes back into the community in one way or another...
Lawson’s Park Aside the leigh river has proved to be the ideal location for this Market providing free entertainment areas for the children to play, dog friendly and with local retailers and amenities close by,  with the added bonus of providing the space to grow for any future stallholders wishing to showcase local produce or handmade talents.
Artisans from as far away as Timboon have formed a constant 30-50 stalls over at the market, providing a variety of unique and quality products ranging from local fruit and vegetables, baked goods, ice-cream, jams, relishes and honey to quilts, jewellery, soaps, clothing, artwork, candles and Timber & Metal work.
Free stallholder sites are offered to any not-for-profit or community-based organizations, and Free busking is also being offered to any up and coming talent amongst local and regional people.
The Committee members decided from the outset to run the Fruit and Vegetable stall themselves in an attempt to source local produce, and to ensure its freshness, with a view to having only local organic, chemical free and bio-dynamic goods.
​This initiative was created with the idea of gifting as many funds back to the community as possible, which then evolved into the 'IPLM Community gifting Initiative.'
Future planned initiatives are a community garden, local sponsorship and ongoing gifting to local schools, businesses, sports clubs and recreational facilities.
to date, the inverleigh market has been able to gift back over $5000 worth of goods and donations to the local and wider communities

New or enquiring Stallholder?
Please go straight to the Contacts page for all of the info and downloadable forms!

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